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Tanner: Pied Piper of Digits and Moving On


Let’s just call today “Tanner Tuesday” because nothing is going to top the words this guy laid down before us. He’s a true blue musician with a dim past, but even brighter future – if he continues to play his cards right. So let’s not waste anymore time because Tanner had a lot to say when it came time to dish about his interesting influence, a trip out west and Piper Chapman. Read the interview at…

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Park: Jacob The Rabbit


It’s been awhile since feeling this low. I thought the weight of the big burden was lifted, but as soon as that one started to fade, another few piled on and I’m lower than before. So I’m trying to not sink lower and get to my daily duties without freaking out – like listening to Park’s Jacob The Rabbit and reviewing it because it’s sitting in my calendar and they deserve some words tossed their way, right? At first I wanted to write them off, but then I found at least one song in the few to actually care about. Read the rest at…

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Top 10 Thursday: BFF Songs


My best friend has been so since like the 5th grade. She knows 99.95% about me and still somehow likes me. That can’t be said of a lot of people. I tend to be too much for some and not enough for others. I’m forever mentally 12 and she’ll call me out on it, and I let her because she’s one of the only people whose opinion actually matters to me. So this week I decided to just toss out the top 10 songs that remind me of her. Plus, I also really miss her – she’s been up the coast for what seems like forever now but she’s out in the world making changes for the better…one of us has to, right? See the tracks at…

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Wrapped in the Covers: Demi Lovato “Really Don’t Care”


I just came across this song a couple weeks ago and it has become one of my favorites of 2014. I think it may overthrow Iggy’s “Fancy.” Plus, it got me for other reasons but you’ll have to wait until the end of the year when I dish about all the ups and downs of my year…which you can find on my Tumblr page some time in December. Anyways, here we go with this week’s “Wrapped in the Covers” thanks to these lovely gals and guys below. Read the rest at…

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The Larch: In Transit


A nap was taken right before I sat down to write this. Yes, it’s not even noon and yes, I have only been up since 9am – but I’m drained and heading towards another breakdown in 5…4…3…2…let’s talk about The Larch’s In Transit though before I freak out about other things and get distracted by reality. Somewhere between an eclectic person who marches to the beat of the sound in their head and a college station in the ‘90s sits this record, so let’s get to it. Read the rest at…

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