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Top 10 Thursday: Wedding Mix

top-10-thursday-wedding-mixSince I was feeling all lovey dovey yesterday I wanted to keep the theme going. Fun fact – if I’m home and alone on Friday (I hate putting others through my craziness) I like to watch the wedding shows on TLC and am obsessed. I think I mentioned this yesterday, but it won’t hurt to tell you again. So because of this fact, I do have a mix of songs I’d like played at a day that may never exist…Hear the mix at…

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Wrapped in the Covers: Colbie Caillat “Bubbly”

wrapped-in-the-covers-colbie-caillat-bubblyThis weekend I’m in a loving mood because I’m going to a wedding and while that should make me feel like a loner, it doesn’t. In case you don’t know – I’m obsessed with weddings and if I won the lottery I’d likely open up a bridal shop or something along those lines. I may never have my own but that will never stop me from loving everything about them. So to celebrate a friend’s big day I wanted to shine a light on one of my favorite love songs, Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.” Hear the covers at…

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The Emptiness: Sadie, Hawaii


Emails that let you go are the worst. So I’m down a writing gig and freaking out just a little. Those of you who have steady jobs – you truly don’t understand how lucky you are. As I sit on Craigslist and other job sites I have The Emptiness’ Sadie, Hawaii on a loop. It has the heart of a singer songwriter album and a powerful soul. Read the rest at…

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American Wolf: My Main Sport


It has been more than a year since we’ve heard anything new from American Wolf. Last time around they dropped Myriad and it was very low key Silversun Pickups with songs that went on for miles. This time around things are more or less the same only even more so like a dream in slow motion with My Main Sport. Read the rest at…

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Onslo: Onslo


It’s been 10 minutes since I sat down with this blank page and I’ve written a couple of intros. All saw the backspace doom. Usually I’d fill this part with an anecdote about my current state that mirrored the record on deck but my dismal reality was not pulling any similarities to Onslo’s self-titled. For I’m just a girl almost 30 and over it while the album is this obscure take on rock that mixes psychedelic elements with post rock measurements. Read the rest at…

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Top 10 Thursday: New Found Glory Jingle Jams

top-10-thursday-new-found-glory-songsMost things don’t really excite me anymore. This is due to a million and one reasons but one constant that will always make me smile is New Found Glory. I thought they’d lost it thanks to a horse race but I’m blaming the shit planning skills of Seabiscuit for that horrendous day. Anyways, since they’re a band I’d compare to TV and ice-cream – something I’ll never grow tired of – let’s take a look at my all time favorite NFG songs (so far). Hear my favs at…

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Wrapped in the Covers: Glamour Kills Tour


Any time New Found Glory announces dates of any kind my bank account shivers because it knows that at least four tickets are going to be bought (I’m going to six…). Well that was fine and dandy when they went on sale I had a real job but now I’m just working freelance AKA not really working for much and my wallet is regretting so much, but my spirit isn’t. I said this on Monday as we finished the first three dates of the Glamour Kills Tour – there is something amazing about hearing your favorite songs live and those who don’t get that…you’re truly a mystery to me. However, instead of doing a handful of NFG covers I decided to give each band on the current bill a shout out. So here are covers of Candy Hearts, Fireworks, We Are The In Crowd and of course NFG. Hear the covers at…

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Puddle Splasher: Poor Planning


This week is turning into a blur. After a few days following New Found Glory around I mentally and physically did not want to return to reality. So yesterday I played Puddle Splasher on repeat until I decided it just wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t find the words to say about Poor Planning, but today after a 10am nap, I crawled out of bed to do so. Read the rest at…

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