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Wrapped in the Covers: Golden Girls Theme Song

wrapped-in-the-covers-golden-girls-theme-songIn case you didn’t know – I’d trade a lot of things for TV. It’s my number one love and this week marked the beginning of all my regular shows trickling back into my life and making it feel full again. So I decided to go with one of my favorite theme songs to showcase that excitement. Plus, these Girls are who I spend most of my time with…really, on the weekends you most late nights you can find me on the couch pretending I’m gabbing about boys with cheesecake and ice-cream delights with four lovely ladies down in Florida. Read the rest at…

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Soapbox Army: Maps


Last night I endured one of the weirdest crowds ever to see Limp Bizkit…by myself. Yes, I was rollin’ solo but it was all good and now I’m sitting here recovering from a phone call with my Satan boss and drowning out his voice with Soapbox Army’s Maps. Three original songs, a cover and a nice rock sound, that’s how one could sum up this album for a cheat sheet. Read the rest at…

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Cayetana: Nervous Like Me


Sadly I’m still employed by the asshole, but at least I get to finish up some work, do a little me time and then head out in the blazing California heat to see Limp Bizkit tonight – alone. Yes, I’m rollin’ solo to this because that’s how hermits do. Anyways, in between having to tell a grown man to click a link and emailing rappers I had the indie rock sounds of Caytana’s Nervous Like Me as the background noise to my morning. All I could do was imagine I was in a scene of Reality Bites as it played on. Read the rest at…

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It’s Friday and that means in a few hours I’ll have to talk to the one person on earth who makes me think murder is okay under the right circumstances. To ease my mind of that conversation that’s bound to end with me quitting my job, I’m listening to some very cool, infectious yet dream like indie pop. EVVY and her self-titled debut is calming enough that it pushed aside my homicidal rage just long enough…Read the rest at…

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Top 10 Thursday: Body Posi Songs

top-10-thursday-body-posi-songsIt doesn’t matter who you are, you have something you’re insecure about and it can weight you down and make you feel insignificant. Like with any issue music can lend a helping hand in making you feel a little less like shit. So here are some of the best songs that can aid you when you’re feeling like shit because society is hating on your physical attributes. But no matter what, remember that you’re wonderful no matter what anyone thinks. Hear the picks at…

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