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Wrapped in the Covers: Panic! at the Disco “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”

wrapped-in-the-covers-panic-at-the-disco-i-write-sins-not-tragediesIt’s been a very tiring week as I had to get up at 5:30am Monday and Tuesday to do a focus group and then come home and do Satan’s work – I really need to send that email that tells him I’m done with his bullshit and how he treats me. BUT before all that and because I can do this pretty quick before getting to the 100 or so emails that are crowding my inboxes – I have this week’s featured cover.

Last night I managed to somehow stay awake to head out and see Panic! at the Disco at The Greek. Going on two hours of sleep I watched as Brendon Urie and what I can only assume is a backing band now did their thing. So why not shine some light on the one that started it all – from acapella to hardcore – here we go. Hear the covers at…

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A Day Without Love & Uncle/Father Oscar: A Day Without Oscar


Before we head towards the weekend and split from all responsibilities let’s talk about the split between A Day Without Love, who we’re familiar with here at GM, and Uncle/Father Oscar. One half was great musically and the other stole my little heart. So let’s just get to A Day Without Oscar because it’s Friday ya’ll. Read the rest at…

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Top 10 Thursday: Breakup Songs

top-10-thursday-breakup-songsAs Neil Sedaka once sang, “Breaking up is hard to do.” While I’m not going through one at the moment, I still felt like taking on this topic and it just so happens a lot of the following songs are some of my favorites on any regular day. So if you’re actually dealing with a broken heart, here you go – go ahead and listen, cry it out, rip up some pictures, lurk their Facebook, cry some more and belt out the following tracks and then try and move on. See what made the list at…

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Wrapped in the Covers: Taylor Swift “You Belong With Me”

wrapped-in-the-covers-taylor-swift-you-belong-with-meIn a week that has Taylor Swift completely abandoning her Country roots, I had to take it back to the track I knew was destined for the top of the charts before it was a single. My mom was a fan and bought Swift’s CD and right when “You Belong With Me” came on, I was like – YES. This is an amazing song. I’m sure millions of other people thought the same thing, but let me have my moment and memory. So to shake off the mega pop of “Shake It Off” we’re going to listen to some covers of her kind of pop track that started her down a path that led her miles and miles away from Nashville. Hear the covers at…

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