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Sledding With Tigers: A Necessary Bummer


At first I was iffy, thinking Sledding With Tiger’s A Necessary Bummer was going to be like that uber-weird hipster stuff my best friend and her boyfriend thinks is magical (love you guys, but I can’t with that), but alas as the songs unraveled I came to appreciate the way this indie, folk yet punkish record played. Plus, any record that shouts out Limp Bizkit in any way shape or form is one I can fully support. Read the rest at…

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Ingrid Michaelson: Lights Out


It’s unusual for me to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and try and get ahead on anything, but here I am trying to be on top of things by listening to Ingrid Michaelson’s Lights Out. It incorporates a lot of style elements while still maintaining the core of what she’s known for – soft, singer songwriter vocal that never fail to be endearing. Read the rest at…

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Weekend Review: Almost Back On Track

It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten to sit down and write one of these. Usually it was due to being in San Diego for a show, but last week it was because the domain had expired and there was this charge that I had no clue how to fix because I paid it and then still had this weight on the site…That’s all fixed now (obviously) and I trudged through to get back on track. The same goes with the rest of my life as well. That’s sadly not going as well as I’d like though…I just can’t find the motivation to do tasks I have absolutely no passion for. It’s just little things to earn pennies towards…I don’t even know what I’d even save for at this point.

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